At Seed Analytics we believe Quality Data is the key to providing senior management with the ability to make accurate real-time decisions.  The introduction of big data solutions, providing real-time or near real-time information requires collated and aggregated data to be always correct;  inaccurate or incomplete data is now immediately obvious to all levels of the organisation and often also externally through ecosystem interaction and public release of data.  Data can lose it€’s integrity at any stage of it’s lifecycle from input, through each transformation.


Seed Analytics have several offerings to cover all aspects of your data lifecycle from identifying an appropriate data strategy through analysis, remediation, and ongoing monitoring and governance solutions.  We also offer data migration services, data management tool analysis and installation and training solutions to help ensure you find the right tools.  Together with your team we will install them based on the way you need to use them quickly enabling your internal team to take over, manage and enhance your tools and processes.


Data Strategy:


Organisations collect and create a huge amount of data every week.  While this data is necessary for conducting your business processes, not all of it would be considered critical.  A data strategy helps you identify your critical data and the pathways this data takes through your business processes, applications and user interactions.  From here you can then take decisions on where and how to manage, monitor and govern this data.  Our goal is to provide you with cost effective options to help you effect your strategy based on timelines and budgets that work for your organisation as a whole


Data Quality:


Seed Analytics Data QA solution allows you to quickly assess the quality of your data for both data migration, cleansing and monitoring activities. Once data quality issues are identified decisions on data remediation can be made and cleansing can be conducted.  While this addresses the current state of the data we also look to identify process issues to provide remediation at source.


Data Migration:


A new system implementation program often leaves data migration to start part way through the realisation phase.  Our experience and resulting methodology recommends you understand any data-related risks up front to ensure project timings and resource allocations are not affected during this critical realisation phase.  We also ensure efficiency and transparency in our methodology by utilising pre-built templates and providing real-time status dashboards to  the project management team. Seed Analytics will work closely with your chosen implementation partner, becoming part of their team.


Data Governance:


At Seed Data Governance is 80% about the organisation and the processes and 20% about the tools you may eventually decide to use.  Our view is that an organisation’s capabilities to implement Data Governance needs to be balanced with the recommendations that are made.  First steps and next steps need to be realistic and achievable without requiring huge organisational change all at once, and of course value needs to be identified to help build the business case to move forward.


Data Tool Analysis:


Seed Analytics is a software-agnostic organisation, our focus is on quality and governance and therefore we have the experience to help you put together an analysis process for identifying and deciding on the tools which will provide you with the outcomes you are looking to achieve.


Data Tool Installation & Training:


Our team can help you install your data tools of choice.  Where possible we would suggest including involving your team members as our experience shows this is the most effective way of conducting training.


Whether you are looking at SAP’€™s Data Services, Information Steward or Master Data Governance tools, or those from it’€™s competitors; we have the skill sets to ensure you get the best from your software investments.