Reflecting on 2014

19 Dec Reflecting on 2014

2014 began with a bang for Seed Analytics. In the first quarter, we did the following:

  • Started three new engagements
  • Took on two new clients
  • Hired a chunk of staff to service the demand
  • Ramped up our use of AWS for solution development


We were incredibly busy helping our clients bring their off-track Data Migration projects back from Red to Green. And we were successful!


Early in the year, Seed Analytics became part of the Innture Group. Innture is a group of hand-picked, best-of-breed consulting companies whose value comes from the total being greater than the sum of its parts. Seed Analytics is proud to complement the superior management consulting offered by Illuminate Consulting, the unrivalled procurement expertise of Sourced Solutions, and the excellent Project & Change management knowledge of Imperative IT. To find out more about Innture, check out the website at

This year, Seed Analytics has offered two separate Breakfast sessions for our Customers in Sydney. The first was an event to where one of our clients, Fairfax Media, spoke about the work we had done for them using the SAP EIM tools. We also took the time to introduce our accelerator, the Data Deep Dive, to the market. The DDD is our solution for assessing the quality of your data, it uses the standard SAP tools (Data Services, Information Steward, Lumira) to do it, and it has awesome pre-built content to measure the business quality of your data fast.

At the second breakfast session we hosted Maria Villar, Global VP of Data Management for SAP. Maria presented her half-day Information Governance workshop to a large audience. You can read about the workshop and the key points here, but suffice to say it was worthwhile for all the participants, and a success for Seed Analytics.

2014 saw us grow our partnership with SAP in Australia. SAP has large and committed Sales & Marketing teams in both Australia and Asia-Pacific, and it was our pleasure to work jointly with them on a number of campaigns this year.

Seed Analytics recognises that there are huge opportunities outside our Sydney base. So this year we invested in ongoing travel to both Melbourne and Brisbane as part of our expansion plans. And the investment paid off as we now have offices in Melbourne and Brisbane from which to conduct business. 2015 promises even more growth in these cities.

Here at Seed we recognise the importance of Social Media to our success, and so we’ve invested in ramping up our presence. In Q3 we replaced our original website with a new, mobile friendly website. We’ve built our presence on LinkedIn. In the last few months we have made our initial push into Twitter – we even live-tweeted our event with Maria Villar – and the results are encouraging. In 2015 we expect to enlarge our presence, and add YouTube to our Social Media channels.

The most surprising part of 2014 has been how it’s ended. Usually, the month of December is quiet, and is dominated by the impending Christmas Holiday break. It’s summer time, and businesses don’t typically make significant decisions, or even think about starting any new work. So it caught me by surprise when Seed Analytics was approached to deliver three new proposals in December. Talk about a flurry of activity – I was supposed to deliver this blog a week ago, but only now do I have the time!

Other newsworthy items in 2014:


This year, Seed Analytics has made a big investment in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We built our Data Deep Dive solution on AWS, and also developed our Seed Framework Master solution on the same platform. It is really a game-changer to treat infrastructure as just a utility – to be turned on and off at will, and to pay the bill monthly. It has made it so easy to for us use a geographically distributed team to build our solutions, and to roll these out to our customers with a minimum of effort. And it’s incredible to think that the compute power available to us keeps increasing, while the bill remains steady!


It’s clear that SAP HANA is a powerful platform, but it’s also clear that adoption of HANA is slow. It appears to me that companies are working hard to wring every last dollar out of their current SAP investment before they make the move to HANA. Given the trend to move hosting of most systems to the cloud, it’s just a matter of time before HANA adoption reaches a tipping point. How long? Late 2015/early 2016 is my guess.


Two of our competitors in the SAP EIM space in Australia appear to have “fallen off the perch” in 2014. Now it’s just Seed Analytics and BackOffice Associates who deliver data solutions for SAP in Australia (full disclosure, I am a former Director of BackOffice Associates Australia). You might think that less competition is a good thing, but as my partner Ian Markram says, “It’s bad for the market for competitors to fall away. Competition keeps us on our toes, and more companies in our space, the more awareness there is about the importance of data, and the more educated our clients become.”


By now you would have heard about the service named Uber – the car service you book using an app on your smartphone, and pay for online. It is taking the Taxicab industry head-on worldwide, and largely winning the war. Uber is a sharp example of a Disruptor that has risen fast. The entrenched industry is fighting a losing battle against the upstart, while consumers are enjoying better service at a lower cost. It reminds me of the late 90’s when the Music industry was fighting Napster. Who will win the Uber/Taxi war? I’m not sure, but Uber keeps winning the battles.


Whether you call it “Data Governance” or “Information Governance”, the management of data is finally gaining traction in Australia. So many Customers have engaged with us in the last few months with the aim of formally implementing the Governance of Data & Information at their companies. We know that this has been growing in importance in the USA and the EU for many years now, and we are heartened that this sort of strategic thinking is manifesting here in Asia-Pacific, and particularly Australia. The most common question posed to us is “Where do we start?”, and the great news is that Seed Analytics will help you. Whether you have absolutely nothing in place to govern your data, or whether you are way along the journey and mature in your thinking, we offer programs of work that include discovery, workshops, and accelerators to Get Governance Going™. Give us a call if you want to get started.

Auld Lang Syne

On behalf of all of us at Seed Analytics, we would like to wish every one of you, and your family and friends, a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and enjoy the summer. To our colleagues in the northern hemisphere we say “Happy Holidays”, and hope that the Polar Vortex doesn’t sweep down and freeze you solid.

We look forward to working with you, and bringing success to your companies, in 2015.



About the Author:

Michael is the Practice Lead for Seed Analytics, an SAP Services Partner, and global provider of solutions for SAP Data Governance and SAP Data Migration. An approachable and easy-going fellow, Michael is occasionally known to get up on his Soapbox and shout forth his views on topics he is passionate about.

You can contact Michael via e-mail (michael dot curran at seedanalyticsgroup dot com), find him on linkedin (, and follow Michael on Twitter using @MichaelBCurran

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