Are You Ready To Take Charge?

08 Feb Are You Ready To Take Charge?

The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no man has ever been before.” – Francis Phillip Wernig

In today’s tempestuous IT environment, Data Consultants with less than one year of experience often find themselves being asked to take charge. I still remember the anxiety as a Data Consultant when my Manager asked me to take charge of a group of Offshore Consultants. To be successful in this role, I was expected to lead a team while continuing to manage my onsite work Challenging isn’t it? I would like to share what I did to become successful in this role.

areyoureadyI have noticed in my years of experience working on Data Projects, not all Consulting firms provide leadership training – especially if the Consultant is already deployed onsite on a SAP project. I was fortunate that my employer at that time offered me one week of leadership training, which I did not hesitate to attend. The leadership course helped me understand the essential skills and techniques I needed to manage a team. The training also helped me to look at challenges from a different perspective. It gave me the basic tools to handle difficult situations, and helped me gain a lot of self-confidence.

I believe that most of us can benefit from having a mentor or sponsor to guide and encourage us. So I approached a fellow Consultant who was a Team Lead for many years, a person I admire and respect, to be my mentor. Because I personally believe that it’s a good idea to choose someone working in the same functional area as you are, as well as someone who shares your values. He is the person that guided me, helped me, took me under his wing, and nurtured my career.

Most importantly, I invested some of my time in social networking.  Through websites like Linkedln and SAP Community Network or SCN, I created and maintained relationships to other Professionals. I also joined network groups that shared my common interest on technology, functional area and leadership. These community groups provide best practices, ideas and on a larger scale, be connected with software users, developers, consultants and mentors.

Despite the challenges, embracing the role of a Team Lead provided me with enormous professional satisfaction, and tremendous leadership growth experience. By attending leadership training and programs you will developed self-confidence and promotes self-awareness. Choose a mentor you like & respect. Build the network through Social Networking that will create a larger world for yourselves.

Now in year 2015, take the charge, make a difference and grab each and every opportunity to build towards your success!

Dave Tuazon is a Senior Consultant for Seed Analytics, an SAP Services Partner, and global provider of solutions for SAP Data Governance and SAP Data Migration.

You can contact Dave via e-mail (dave dot tuazon at seedanalyticsgroup dot com), find him on linkedin (, and follow him on Twitter using @DTuazon@26

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