Data is no longer a by-product. In many companies it is the product.  That being the case, then data quality becomes a critical success factor for your business.

The Seed Analytics Data Quality Assessment (DQA) solution set allows you to quickly assess the quality of your data for both data migration, cleansing and monitoring activities. Once data quality issues are identified decisions on data remediation. Seed Analytics has a two-pronged approach to data quality: legacy and future data:

  • Legacy Data: Examine the legacy systems and provide rapid feedback on the quality using Seed Analytics developed tools, dashboards and reporting mechanisms to quantify the data quality and illustrate where the cleansing and lifecycle management opportunities are. This is typically used as an optimisation exercise or in preparation for data migration.
  • Future Data: Examine the data creation and maintenance processes. The intention being the guarantee of data quality in the future. This activity typically results in the implementation of an appropriate level of governance for the organisation and recommendations for future optimisation processes.