Seed Analytics is a tool agnostic consulting organisation that has expertise in a great deal of tools currently available and can readily assist you with your tool selection. We have a tried-and-tested evaluation process that examines your current and future requirements and makes use of a tool analysis matrix to assist you in making an appropriate choice for both your needs and your budget.

Whether it be for data migration, data quality or data governance, we have the expertise to guide you through the process to select a tool that will deliver the outcome you require.


Data Tool Configuration and Training


The Seed Analytics data team can assist your company with the installation and configuration the data tools of your choice.Seed Analytics is able to execute the installation and configuration with minimal support from your IT team, however our preferred method is to include team members from your organisation in order to ensure continuity in the tool configuration.


As part of the configuration, Seed Analytics consulting typically provides tool and/or process training for the your team members. Whether you are looking at SAP’s Data Services, Information Steward or Master Data Governance tools, or those from it’s competitors; we have the skill sets to ensure you get the best from your software investments.