Data is the fuel that runs the modern business. Organisations collect and create a huge amount of structured and unstructured data every day. Each organisation wants to move to “Data Driven Decision Making” but in order to do so, an organisation needs to understand what data is critical. A data strategy helps you identify your critical data and the pathways this data takes through your business processes, applications and user interactions. From here you can then take decisions on where and how to manage, monitor and govern this data.


Our goal is to provide you with cost effective options to help you affect your strategy based on timelines and budgets that work for your organisation as a whole.


Seed makes use of a number of tools to define an appropriate Data Strategy at your organisation.


  • 3 Step Rapid Roadmap to define a high level data strategy roadmap and implementation plan
  • 5 Step Programme to define a data strategy and business case
  • Assessments to examine the current and desired state of governance at your organisation
  • Architecture/Technology review – review of your applications; data sources and interfaces
  • Business Process Review – review of the business processes that (should) drive the data strategy
  • Data Insights – analysis of the data quality with recommendations for cleansing and lifecycle management
  • Reporting Analysis – review of your current reporting; data sources & data trustworthiness
  • Tool Selection Support


Each of these tools provide components of a comprehensive data strategy which addresses the data: analytics; governance; lifecycle; management; maturity; quality (assurance) and processes in order to provide your organisation the strategy it requires to enable true Data Driven Decision Making.