Data Governance is the formal orchestration of people, processes and technology to enable an organisation to leverage data as an enterprise asset. (MDM Institute)

At Seed we believe that Data Governance is 80% about the organisation; processes; policies and performance and only 20% about the tools you may eventually decide to use.


Our view is that an organisation’s capabilities to implement Data Governance needs to be balanced with the recommendations that are made. One size does not fit all. First steps and next steps need to be realistic and achievable without requiring huge organisational change all at once, and of course value needs to be identified to help build the business case to move forward.


Our approach to addressing Data Governance within your organisation is to examine the current environment and identify the requirements and aspirations for the future.


Seed makes use of a number of tools that we use to determine the appropriate level of data governance at an organisation. We use our extensive knowledge of Data Governance, along with Industry Best Practice to determine the appropriate level of governance for your organisation.


  • Assessments:
    • 20 Focus Areas for a broad overview of the organisation
    • Capability Maturity Model to provide a detailed view of the data governance environment


  • 5 Step programme – Data Governance Business Case
    • Data 101 workshop; Introduction to Governance workshop; CMM; Business Driver workshop and the Business Case Development


  • 3 Step programme – Rapid Roadmap
    • Combination Terminology & Governance workshop; CMM and a Roadmap Definition workshop.