Data is being generated at an explosive rate. For instance, the diagram below shows the amount of data being generated every internet minute.


The future is going to be even more data centric, with the advances in the Internet of Things; Wearable Devices; Thousands of sensors being built into new homes and the Smart Cities plans. These are just some of the sources that will be generating more data than we can imagine.  This exponential growth in data is causing many companies to struggle. There is not only the storage dilemma, but also the challenge of extracting meaningful insight from massive amount of available data.

Seed Analytics consulting is able to help you make sense of your big data before your big data lake turns into a big data swamp, or even a big data puddle.


Our experts can guide you through the process of identifying relevant data, applying the appropriate level of quality and governance without impinging on the ability of your data scientists to perform analysis.

In other words, the Seed Analytics team can help you get the most out of your big data.