Data Challenges you face right now


  • You have duplicated Master Data. Lots of it.
  • You have incomplete Master Data – perhaps this is why your team have created so many duplicates!
  • You don’t have Master Data Standards, but you want to start building them.
  • You have Open Transactional Data that should be closed
  • You have inaccuracies, inconsistencies and conflicting data. What do you do with it?


All these data issues are costing you money. But how much? You can’t measure the problems, let alone the cost.


All these data issues are affecting the operation of your SAP system, and your source systems too. And then they hurt your reporting and analytics as the poor quality data moves downstream.


Sound familiar?


Overcoming the Challenges – Data Deep Dive (Data Assessment)


Seed Analytics performs a Data Quality analysis using your data. All records for the selected data domains. After all, analysing a 10% sample will give you only 10% of the picture.


Seed Analytics uses standard SAP tools – Data Services and Information Steward. We have pre-built accelerators to work with your source systems to rapidly deliver Data Quality reports and metrics.


Seed Analytics can do the Data Deep Dive onsite using your infrastructure, or you can give us your data and we will use our Cloud infrastructure. It’s your choice.


Seed Analytics review the data you use every day to identify the data that matters (hint – you’re not using every single record since the beginning of time), and measure the data quality issues that are hurting your business.


We show you what your issues are, along with metrics, then work with you to formulate a plan with you to get your data optimised. If you need help planning and prioritising your Data Cleansing, we can help you. If you need help broadening your Data Quality initiatives into a Data Governance implementation, we can help you there too.


Nothing To Lose. Everything to Gain.


The Data Deep Dive is a fixed price service. If Seed Analytics does not give you insight into your data, then it’s free. Satisfaction Guaranteed.